The Bachelor Recap: Juan Pablo Gets Dumped AGAIN After Fantasy Suite Dates

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By Shari Weiss



The fantasy suite dates on Tuesday’s special edition of “The Bachelor” ended in heartbreak… for Juan Pablo Galavis.

After spending a night with each of the three remaining contestants in St. Lucia, one of the women realized she didn’t want a happy ending with the soccer player after all.

The episode started with Clare’s date, where she and Juan Pablo spent the day on a private yacht.

“When I look at Juan Pablo, I see my future husband,” she admitted to the camera.

During dinner, Clare wanted to discuss the hunk’s daughter Camila, saying she wants to meet the little girl and not be “an awful stepmom.”

Juan Pablo seemed impressed by the hairstylist’s “good thinking,” and gave her an invitation to the fantasy suite.

Clare was hesitant given Juan Pablo’s regrets about their intimate time together in the ocean, and she told him she now understands that he takes his daughter’s feelings into consideration.

Juan Pablo explained that it’s now okay to him to have overnight dates because it’s week nine and part of the process and the only opportunity to spend hours together without the cameras.

Inside the private digs, he told her, ahem, “Tomorrow after we wake up, we’ll know each other a lot more,” and Clare tearily confessed, “I’m just, like, loving falling in love with you.”

The next date went to Andi, and the pair toured a village, with the contestant remarking to the camera, “I feel like a real couple with him.”

Andi was “charmed” by seeing Juan Pablo interact with some local kids, before being whisked away to a waterfall, reminiscent of their previous one-on-one date in New Zealand.

“In a week, I could possibly be engaged. And while that’s really scary, it’s also really exciting,” the lawyer told the camera.

Juan Pablo later expressed concern about a previous comment Andi made about “badly wanting to fall in love,” saying things can’t be “forced.”

The reality star went on to candidly admit he doesn’t know yet whether the Atlanta assistant district attorney would be a “good mother,” saying he hoped they can “talk about a lot of things” in the fantasy suite.

Andi accepted the invitation, and Juan Pablo later commented to the camera, “She could be my wife.”

That, however, changed by the morning, with Andi deeming their night together a “disaster” — in contrast with Juan Pablo gushing about great it was.

“I could not wait to get out of the fantasy suite. I thought I was falling in love because I had genuine feelings with Juan Pablo but the fantasy suite was a disaster, I saw a side to him that I didn’t really like…,” she admitted. “I really hope he did not think that was a good date.”

Andi said Juan Pablo was more interested in talking about himself and name-dropping, didn’t care about her feelings and personal life, and even revealed that he had an overnight with Clare.

“There’s just no filter with him,” she complained. “He thinks he can say whatever he wants and everyone will laugh and fall in love with him, but it gets to a point where it’s just offensive.”

Andi tearfully said she’s now sure Juan Pablo is “not the one,” but before she could confront him, he went on the third and final date with Nikki.

The duo went horseback riding to the beach, where he asked the pediatric nurse if she’s “ready” for their relationship to hit the next level.

Nikki admitted she’s nervous because she doesn’t want to get hurt, but after getting reassured, she accepted the fantasy suite invitation.

As the two later made out, the contestant said “being here” “means a lot” to her, going on to reveal she wouldn’t be there if she didn’t “love you.”

The rules of the show prevented Juan Pablo from returning the sentiment, but he told her to look at his happy face before indulging in more passionate kisses.

“She’s a good kisser. I can’t wait to learn more about Nikki,” he told the camera. “My intention is her to get to know the real me.”

Juan Pablo didn’t learn of Andi’s feelings until watching a video message from her, where she said they needed to meet up and talk in person about her feelings.

When they met up, Andi told him she’s realized it’s “not going to work” between them, and was annoyed when he reacted nonchalantly to her decision and the time she’s given up to be in the competition all these weeks.

“If you don’t feel it, there’s nothing I can do,” he told her. “I can love you, I can do whatever I want, but if you don’t feel it, it’s okay.”

Juan Pablo said he’s had feelings for her since week two, but she replied “that doesn’t seem real to me because you don’t even really know who I am,” saying that he’s never taken the time to ask her questions and just says “okay” to everything.

“I want to die if I have to hear ‘it’s okay’ again,” she said bluntly, asking him to have “some emotions,” and calling him out for talking about his overnight with Clare.

She went on to accuse him of being too honest, and allegedly saying she was here by “default” because he eliminated Renee just before her — and that’s when the talk turned into a full-fledged argument.

Juan Pablo denied that he used that term, citing his language barrier, but admitted that she “barely made it” to this round, and she listed all the critical questions he’s never asked her (about religion, social issues, how she wants to raise her kids, etc).

Both said they didn’t want to argue as they continued to tensely plead their respective points of view, with Juan Pablo saying she should have brought up the different topics if she felt he wasn’t doing a good job.

Andi left telling the camera that he “just doesn’t get it” and that he should take the journey “more seriously,” while Juan Pablo expressed his disappointment, saying, “Andi had everything,” and said he would’ve been “crushed” if she just left without them having it out.

“Honestly, putting words in my mouth, just killed it right there. If she wanted to stay, I would’ve said no,” he insisted.

At the rose ceremony, Juan Pablo no longer had the luxury of getting to choose his final two since Andi’s exit left just Nikki and Clare in the competition.

The women received the news from host Chris Harrison, and before offering them roses, Juan Pablo explained that Andi decided to leave because she didn’t have “strong feelings for me.”

“Obviously it hurt, it did. But there’s nothing I can do about it. I can’t force somebody to like me or spend the rest of their life for me,” he admitted.

He then urged the pair to talk to him about any concerns that they have, and warned them not to stay in the competition if their heart isn’t in it.

Not surprisingly, both Nikki and Clare accepted the roses, setting the stage for a big finale with the longtime rivals.

First up next week, however, is the “Women Tell All” special, where the former contestants will confront Juan Pablo with some serious complaints.

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