The Bachelor Recap: Tierra Wreaks Havoc, Continues to Dupe Sean Lowe (VIDEO)


By Michael Lewittes



Sean Lowe had a rough time of it on Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor,” with Tierra wreaking havoc and bringing morale among the ladies to an all-time low. The show started off tame enough, with Lowe (er, ABC) whisking the women off to Montana.

First up was his one-on-one date with Lindsay, after which Lowe confessed to the camera, “She almost went home the first night and now I’m glad she didn’t.” After their alone time went well and Lindsay received a rose, the Bachelor embarked on a group date with all of the remaining ladies, excluding Tierra and Jackie, who were set for the ever-dreadful two-on-one date later.

The group date was a “lumberjack challenge” in which the girls broke into two teams and competed in a relay race of events, such as canoeing, milking goats and a hay bale haul. The red team won, meaning they got to spend the evening with Lowe… that is, until he decided to change to rules and invite the blue team as well.

Another unwelcome guest then showed up at the party. Tierra — who was not part of the group date — snuck out of the house and appeared at the cocktail party in order to tell Lowe to send Jackie home on their future two-on-one date. Her explanation for crashing the party is that she needed to “see the guy I’m dating.” Dating? Is that what this is?

Anyhow, after Tierra snuck back out of the fete, Lowe had some rare one-on-one time with Daniella, who broke down to him about — what else — his connection to the other girls in the house. Lowe was touched by her sincerity, and gave her the group date rose.

Next up was dun dun dun… the two-on-one date with Tierra and Jackie. Tierra laughed to the camera, “Jackie does not know she’s on a date with me and my husband.” Yikes. Jackie attempted to warn Lowe about Tierra’s nasty side, and he seemed to listen. But then Tierra told Lowe that she behaves in the way she does because her former boyfriend, who was in and out of rehab, died while they were dating in 2009. Ultimately, he sent Jackie home because he said he just didn’t feel a “romantic connection” with her.

Then came the nerveracking rose ceremony, where Robyn, Lesley and a number of the other girls confronted Tierra about her behavior. Tierra immediately went on the defensive, telling the camera, “I honestly wish I was a fighter because I would beat the sh*t out of these b*tches.” But of course that’s not what she said to Lowe. She claimed the women were “attacking her,” and lamented, “It’s just frustrating for me because I’m such a nice girl.” Uh-huh.

Finally, Lowe decided to ask Lesley, one of the more sane and logical ladies of the group, about Tierra. Lesley revealed that Tierra was “very cold” to the other women and had virtually “no relationships” inside the house. Lowe was upset and confused, but in the end he kept Tierra and sent home Robyn. And by the looks of the extended season preview, she’s set to stay around for a long time. The next part of the show’s two-night event airs on Tuesday, February 5 at 9 p.m. EST.


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