The Bachelor: Juan Pablo Deals With Clare Fallout, Dumps Contestant on Her Birthday

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By Shari Weiss



On Monday’s “The Bachelor,” Juan Pablo Galavis proved he’s the worst gift-giver ever.

But we’ll get to that in a bit.

The episode kicked off in Lake Taupo, New Zealand, where the former soccer player took Andi on a on-one-one date.

The pair explored some of the gorgeous scenery, walking through a series of waterfalls and thermal springs in an area called, ahem, “The Squeeze.”

Cue the requisite making out in the water (see photo right).

Afterwards, The Bachelor and his date toasted to their evening, and cuddled under a blanket, with Andi telling the camera she’s in “fantasy land.”

Juan Pablo later unzipped his jacket to retrieve a rose and give it to her.

A group date featured six of the women — Kat, Cassandra, Nikki, Chelsie, Sharleen, and Renee — and the outing coincided with Cassandra’s 22nd birthday, with the contestant “very hopeful” for a “fairytale ending.”

Things kicked off with a unique twist on orbing (or zorbing), called Ogo, where they rolled down hills in large balls filled with water.

Cue more requisite making out in the water.

Afterward at Hobbiton, where The Lord of the Rings filmed, single mom Cassandra was determined to score to some alone time.

“If I was given a rose, it would be the best birthday ever,” she told the camera.

Juan Pablo first spent some quality time with the other single mother Renee, followed by Nikki and then Sharleen.

Awkwardness ensued when the Venezuelan hunk went in for an intense kiss right away, prompting her to ask, “You cut right to the chase, don’t you?”

Juan Pablo didn’t know what that meant, and Sharleen admitted she’s been “questioning” the process and their feelings.

Apparently it wasn’t anything a few more kisses couldn’t fix for the time being.

Finally, after getting a birthday cheer from her fellow contestants, Cassandra finally got to be with Juan Pablo privately, at which point she revealed “how much love [she] has to give” to someone other than her son.

But when it came time to give out the date rose, Juan Pablo didn’t choose the birthday girl, and instead picked Sharleen.

He then asked to speak with Cassandra alone… and dumped her… on her birthday… in the rain.

“You’re one of my special ones,” Juan Pablo began before showering her with compliments and then dropping the bomb.

He told her, “I wish we were in the same chapter,” but made it clear they weren’t, and went on to say he was sending her home in advance of the rose ceremony so she wouldn’t have to wait two more days to see her son.

Not surprisingly, Cassandra was distraught as she left in a limo, and the rest of the girls were shocked.

“At the end of the day, it’s the future. It’s my life,” Juan Pablo told the remaining women, admitting he doesn’t know what he’s going to do as it gets harder.

As the episode aired, Juan Pablo said on Twitter that he didn’t know it was Cassandra’s birthday when he sent her home, writing that he “found out LATER that night.”

But that was long forgotten as he set out on his other one-on-one date with Clare — a surprising decision after he told her last week that their private time in the ocean was a “mistake.”

It also didn’t go unnoticed by the other women that this was Clare’s second solo date.

Juan Pablo told the hair stylist he chose her because he wanted to make sure she knew he still had feelings for her after their mishap, again explaining that he regretted their actions because of his little girl Camila.

Clare wasn’t satisfied, telling the camera, “I need answers,” and then asking the reality star directly what the “boundaries” are.

Juan Pablo said he doesn’t kiss or even hold hands in front of his daughter (except on the show, apparently), and kissing and swimming in the ocean in the middle of the night “didn’t feel right.”

Clare eventually accepted his explanation when it was made clear that it had nothing to do with her personally, and the duo later cuddled in some sweats, an outfit that turned him on quite a bit.

“Clare just has something going on that is so attractive to me…,” he told the camera. “I get so hot talking about Clare!”

Clare received a rose, of course, and at the pre-eliminations cocktail party the next day, Andi declared the night had a “weird vibe.”

Juan Pablo was thrown for a loop when all the women were oddly quiet, but that soon changed when he and Nikki once again reaffirmed their “connection.”

He next reassured Renee of his feelings for her, and then calmed down a “frazzled” Chelsie, before Kat struggled to open up to Juan Pablo about how her dad influenced her relationships with men.

At the rose ceremony, Juan Pablo eliminated just one unlucky lady, since he already dropped an untimely ax on his relationship with Cassandra earlier.

Kat was ultimately the one given the boot, just after she poured her heart out.

That left Juan Pablo with six women — including a tearful Sharleen who cried to the camera after the ceremony that she’s “pretty confused.”

“I’m happy to be here. I’m happy to be going on. I guess I just feel that it’s wrong somehow,” she confessed. “Instead of feeling more certain, I’m feeling more doubtful each week. And to be honest, I can see other girls more suiting him better.”


What do you think of tonight’s episode?

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