Bachelor in Paradise Recap: AshLee Disses Clare Behind Her Back — WATCH VIDEO!

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Bachelor in Paradise August 25, 2014

By Michael Lewittes


Bachelor in Paradise August 25, 2014


A special two-day “Bachelor in Paradise” event kicked off on Monday and tensions were high after AshLee was caught spreading hurtful gossip about Clare.

But before their confrontation took place, the episode picked up right where we left off last week.

Michelle was crying tears of gratitude after Chris gave her his final rose before he quit the show and escaped paradise with Elise. The single mom was touched by the wonderful things he said about her, but Michelle’s feeling of joy didn’t last long.

When the group got home, they learned Robert was given the next date card. He, of course, chose Sarah, the woman he has just given a rose to.

Michelle was hoping that he would still want to take her out. She found herself crying again, but Graham was quick to comfort her.

Michelle proved to be the bigger person when she awkwardly helped Sarah get ready for her date with Robert the next day.

Even though she felt rejected, Michelle promised she would make Sarah’s braided hairdo look good.

For their first outing together, Sarah and Robert went sailing. After being feeling insecure for most of her time in Mexico, Sarah was finally starting to feel confident again.

“This is definitely turning into Sarahdise,” she joked.

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While they were off, Cody Sattler from Andi Dorfman’s season of “The Bachelorette” showed up at the house with a date card. He chose Clare, who asked to speak with him privately.

Poor Cody confessed that she was one of his favorites from Juan Pablo’s season of “The Bachelor,” before Clare admitted that she had started a relationship with Zack.

Cody tried to persuade her to go out with him, so she went to talk to Zack. The conversation made her realize that Zack wasn’t as serious about their relationship as she had thought.

Clare then complained to Michelle about Zack’s “wishy washy” feelings, while he talked with Graham on the beach about where his head was at.

In the end, she turned down Cody. He was bummed by the refusal, but decided to give his date card to Marcus. Cody thought his best plan of action would to be stay back and mingle with everyone in the house.

Clare realized that Cody giving up his date card made her like him even more. “Actions speak louder than words,” she noted.

Marcus, of course, chose his main squeeze Lacy, and they had a romantic dinner for two. It was after dinner that he told her he loved her. Lacy confessed that she wanted to say it back, but was scared.

Back at the house, Zack told Clare that he was glad she turned down Cody. He basically asked her to go steady, but Clare was on the offensive. “If you want to go out with other girls, do it,” she said. Zack eventually convinced her that he only wanted to spend time with her, and they spent the night kissing on the beach.

Michelle was still upset that she wasn’t making a connection with anyone, and all of a sudden the group spotted another man on the beach.

Michelle’s hopes were dashed when she realized it was Kalon McMahon from Emily Maynard’s season of “The Bachelorette.”

“He’s an a**hole,” she said of the new guy. Michelle recalled that Emily had told him to get the f**k out after he referred to her daughter as “baggage.”

Kalon came with a date card, and he asked Michelle who uncomfortably said “yes.”

He later told the cameras all the vulgar things he wanted to do to her and later admitted he was attracted to her because he likes “crazy.”

The next day she confronted Kalon about the things he said during Emily’s season before saying she wasn’t comfortable going on the date.

He moved on to Jackie, who turned him down.

Third time was not a charm — because Sarah also told him no.

“If they didn’t want to join me, screw them,” he said before going on his date by himself.

That was another “Bachelor” first.

“After three seasons, I am finally going on a date with someone I like,” he said.

Kalon rappelled into a cave during his date with himself. “I found someone I could really spend the rest of my life with,” he noted.

Marquel was feeling confident about Jackie giving him a rose, and then Jesse Kovaks came to Mexico to join the show.

Jesse, who was on Jillian Harris’ season of “The Bachelorette,” ended up asking out Jackie.

They headed to a Mayan cave, where the had dinner. Jesse won her over, and they enjoyed a private concert and danced close together.

Back at the house, the ladies found themselves getting massages from their “partners.” Michelle took the opportunity to prompt Cody to give her a rub down. Things got sensual pretty fast, and it looked like Michelle found the connection she wanted.

AshLee was sitting on a hammock with Zack when she started dissing Clare, warning him that he didn’t want to get tied down with her.

“I love Clare but she’s cuckoo,” she said. “She f**ked a guy [Juan Pablo] in the ocean. Are you kidding me?

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“I am surprised there’s not a camera on us,” she said nonchalantly before realizing there was one.

AshLee had a reputation for being fake around the cameras, but this time she was caught. She tried to do damage control by confessing guilt to Lacy. The ladies backed Clare up, noting that she did not have sex with Juan Pablo in the water.

The gossip eventually got back to Clare, who was furious.

“It was so sleazy of her to do that,” Clare fumed to Zack.

She was upset that Zack didn’t stick up for her, and she had to hear about AshLee’s comments from the other girls.

“I feel like this is hurting us,” Zack said.

AshLee went up to Clare to apologize, but she wasn’t having it.

“We are not friends,” she told Ashlee, adding that felt “super disrespected.”

Clare noted her words were “tacky” and “tasteless.”

AshLee tried to hug it out, but Clare refused.

Before the rose ceremony, Cody reached out to Michelle and explained that although he initially had a crush on Clare, he wanted to get to know her better.

Jesse knew Jackie was his only shot at a rose, so he made sure to tell her that he would like another date.

Michelle wasn’t “buying” what AshLee was “selling.” She decided to go talk Graham about AshLee’s recent actions.

Graham was shocked about what Michelle told him. He said he now had serious doubts about having AshLee in his life.

Lacy gave her rose to Marcus. Clare chose Zack. When AshLee called out Graham’s name, he walked outside without saying a word. Michelle quickly followed him, and AshLee was left hanging.

Tune in tomorrow to see who goes home!

Watch AshLee diss Clare below!

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