Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Couple Quits Show To Leave Mexico Together!

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Bachelor in Paradise August 18, 2014

By Michael Lewittes


Bachelor in Paradise August 18, 2014


On Monday’s “Bachelor in Paradise” the show’s resident womanizer Chris Bukowski quit the show, but not before he gave his rose to one woman and chose another to flee Mexico with him (see identities below).

Love triangles continued to form, hearts were broken, and one woman was sent home, but the episode kicked off with the cast members still stewing over the bizarre speech Elise gave to the group after Dylan had turned down her rose.

After the public diss, Elise had chosen to give her rose to Chris. She later noted that every storm has a rainbow, and she wants “Chris to be her rainbow.”

The group came back to their house to find out that Danielle Ronco from Juan Pablo’s season of “The Bachelor” had arrived as the newest cast member.

The ladies were facing elimination this week, so tensions were high when Danielle had to pick one of the guys to go on a private date with her.

Michelle encouraged her to choose guy she wanted something she probably regretted after the new girl unknowingly picked her man Marquel.

“I feel alone and rejected,” Michelle said of the turn of events.

After giving Marquel her rose the previous night, Michelle told Graham that she is over him after he said she “drinks a lot.” She declared that she is into Robert now, and if it came down to choosing him or Marquel, she would give her rose to Robert.

Elise was the next to get a date card and she picked her new “rainbow” Chris. In a twist of bad luck, Chris hurt his knee in the ocean and wasn’t sure if he would be able to go on their planned outing.

Marquel and Danielle enjoyed an airplane ride to a new locale where they stripped down to their swimwear as they got to know each other. Danielle admitted to Marquel that she was hoping he would be on the show because she had a “little crush” on him.

There were literally sparks when a storm rolled in and Marquel was 5 feet away from getting struck by lighting.

That was another “Bachelor” first.

Back at the house, Elise talked to Michelle about her blossoming relationship with Chris, while she primped for her special night with her new man.

Chris decided to go on his date later that night because of Elise’s “banging body.” Who said romance is dead?

The two were also whisked off by plane to a new locale, and they enjoyed a romantic dinner where they received keys to separate rooms. Chris made it clear that he wanted to share a room with Elise. Things started to get hot and heavy between them in the pool. Chris vowed to ignore his knee injury and take the action back into their suite.

Michelle was regretting not giving a rose to Robert and went to go make it up to him. She and Clare decided to plan a double date for the objects of their desires.

During the last rose ceremony, Sarah had chosen Robert because she wanted to get to know him better. She was sad to learn that Michelle was planning a night with Robert.

She noted that she was mad at herself for not having the confidence to plan a date with the guy she liked. Sarah confessed to Lacy that she felt like a fifth wheel because everyone else was paired up.

“The biggest enemy in all this is myself,” said Sarah.

“I think Michelle is beautiful, and confident. All the things I am not,” she said before crying.

After Marquel and Danielle came back from their date, the contestants were hanging out when Jackie Parr from Sean’s season of “The Bachelor” strutted up to their bonfire with a date card.

Despite the declarations that she should pick whoever she wants, the women started leaning pretty close to their claimed men. Jackie chose Marquel, not realizing that he had just returned from a date with Danielle.

Graham admitted that he is already feeling smothered by AshLee because no other woman will go near him because of her. He noted that he would have liked to go out with Clare, but he wasn’t able to because of AshLee. She even told him that she wanted him to meet her father before they had their first date.


“I am 100 percent sure we should be together,” AshLee said.

Of course, AshLee was finally given her date card, and her look of pure joy inspired Graham to accept her invitation with confidence.

Marcus and Lacy were inseparable, and he noted that he was not interested in anyone else.

Danielle was bummed that Marquel was off on a date with the newest new girl.

Marquel felt an immediate connection with Jackie as they toured Myan ruins. He told her that he was having the best date with her, which was saying a lot because he had already been on three.

The day after their date, Elise took Chris to the hospital for his knee injury where he was given a brace for his sprained knee. On the flip side, Elise enjoyed taking care of Chris while he was in pain.

Sarah was the only one who reminded Elise that she was also obsessed with Dylan right before he left.

“I get frustrated in girls who get wrapped up in guys this quickly,” Sarah noted.

On the beach, Zach comforted Clare on the anniversary of her father’s death. Clare was impressed with how wonderful he was with her during her time of need. When a huge turtle walked up on shore, Clare took it as a sign that her father was with her.

Graham and AshLee were enjoying their date when he reminded her not to focus on the future.

When their two room keys came, Graham was the one who wanted to stay in separate rooms, while AshLee seemed to be a bit more opened minded about a sleep over. The new couple separated after they shared a lingering kiss.

At the rose ceremony, Michelle and Sarah were both vying for Robert’s rose. While he and Sarah had a nice conversation, Michelle was quick to confront him about “pushing her away.”

Robert admitted that he liked both of them a lot, and Michelle encouraged him to pick who he had a connection with.

Danielle made a last ditch effort to let Marquel know that she had a great time on their date, even though he later went out with Jackie.

In return, Marquel ran to go talk to Jackie, who also said she wanted to get to know him better.

Graham gave his rose to AshLee. Zack presented his to Clare. Marcus not surprisingly chose Lacy. Marquel broke Danielle’s heart when he picked Jackie. Robert, who was also facing a tough decision, chose Sarah in the end. Michelle was brought to tears, knowing Chris would pick Elise, and she would be going home.

Chris knew he had to go home because of his knee. In a turn of events he told Elise he couldn’t give her the rose because he wanted her to leave Mexico with him. She happily accepted.

At the end of the night, Chris gave his leftover rose to Michelle because he truly felt she was there for the right reasons.

What do you think of the guys choices?

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