Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Two SHOCKING Secret Relationships Revealed!

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Elise Cheats Dylan Bachelor in Paradise Recap

By Michael Lewittes


Elise Cheats Dylan Bachelor in Paradise Recap


Monday’s “Bachelor in Paradise” was jam-packed with drama as two cast members’ shocking secret relationships were revealed.

Both the men and women felt betrayed after learning one of their housemates had a girlfriend back home. But the most shocking revelation was that a former contestant was having an affair with a crew member.

More than hearts were broken when a confrontation ended with someone jumping off a hotel balcony.

The episode started with Chris Harrison explaining the real reason former cast member Michelle Kujawa decided to leave before the first rose ceremony.

While Michelle K. claimed she wasn’t interested in anyone on the show, she wasn’t technically telling the truth.

Harrison learned that she and a crew member named Ryan had struck a flirtation before filming that had turned into something more.

Although Michelle K. refused to discuss the matter with Harrison, she did confirm the relationship with another producer.

Later, Ryan was visiting Michelle K. in her hotel room when they heard a knock on the door. He immediately panicked and jumped off the balcony, breaking both of his legs.

Now that is a “Bachelor” first.

In the hospital, Ryan admitted that he had made a foolish mistake.

Back at the “Bachelor in Paradise” house, there was a surprising new arrival.

Former “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor Pad” contestant Chris Bukowski showed up in Tulum, Mexico with the first date card of the week.

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Chris asked out Clare, who admitted she was aware of his less than stellar reputation with the ladies. But she wanted to get to know Chris before she wrote him off, so she accepted his offer.

The two enjoyed a couples massage, where Chris explained that he was somewhat of a womanizer on “Bachelor Pad” because he had his heartbroken by Emily Maynard during his time on “The Bachelorette.”

Clare really started to like Chris after she had spent the day with him.

Back at the house, Robert was outraged that Lacy was holding hands and kissing Marcus after he had shared a romantic date with her.

Last week, Marcus made it clear he was after Lacy when he gave her a rose even though she was forging a bond with Robert.

Much to Robert’s chagrin, Marcus was given a date card, and he obviously chose Lacy.

Sarah admitted that she thought it was strange that Lacy could “flip the switch” and go from Robert to Marcus so quickly. She thought it had a lot to do with physical attraction.

On their date, Lacy asked Marcus about his relationship with “Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman. Marcus convinced her he was ready to move on, and they ended the night was some more kissing.

Earlier in the day, Dylan was concerned that he was losing his opportunity to meet other people because he was feeling smothered by Elise.

The two bonded on their first night in Mexico and even shared the first kiss of the series. Despite their relationship, he told her she should go on dates with other people — something he would soon regret saying.

“YOPO” as in “You Only Paradise Once” was the mantra as the remaining cast members took shots to celebrate Chris’ first night in the house.

Elise was clearly on a quest to make Dylan jealous when she started flirting with the new guy, and soon she was making out with Chris in the ocean.

“He’s a professional,” Clare fumed after she watched Elise wrap her legs around Chris. She vowed the womanizer would not get a rose from her.

The next day Elise told Michelle M. she would never have done what she did with Chris, if it wasn’t for Dylan telling her to see other people. She said she wanted to start a relationship that would lead to having a family.

Elise started to cry when she realized what she had done to Dylan, and went to go find him. She confessed to him that she had kissed Chris but noted that she was thinking about him the entire time (see above right).

“This just solidifies the fact that this was something that wasn’t meant to be,” Dylan lamented.

Although Elise apologized and swore the kiss didn’t mean anything, Dylan told her not to give him a rose because he wouldn’t accept it

Just when Clare was ready to give up on finding love, Zach Kalter from Desiree Hartsock’s season of “The Bachelorette” arrived in paradise.

Zach also came with a date card and he chose an overjoyed Clare.

Clare said Zach had good “pheromones” and immediately felt a romantic connection.

Back at home, Chris meanly nicknamed Dylan “Fat Damon” as in “Fat Matt Damon,” noting that he stole his girl and now he would have to go “Good Will Hunting.”

When Dylan got the next date card, Chris was nervous that he was going to patch things up with Elise.

Elise thought she would get the date card that ended up going to her best friend Sarah.

Sarah went to talk to Elise, who encouraged her to accept Dylan’s invitation.

Dylan complimented Sarah the entire night.

While Dylan and Sarah enjoyed their date, Marcus found a letter that fell out of Ben’s bag.

Marcus showed it to Marquel and they decided to confront him about having a girlfriend back home.

Ben claimed he met a woman three weeks before taping the show, even though the woman who wrote the letter used the word “love.”

Marquel told Ben he was being “disrespectful” with the other contestants’ time.

Michelle M. started to cry because she left her daughter to find love, and she didn’t find it fair that Ben wasn’t taking the show seriously.

The contestants unanimously agreed that Ben should not have come on the show.

“Is anyone here for love?” Clare asked.

Ben left, saying he was “done with Hollywood.”

The ladies were the ones handing out the roses this week.

Michelle M. was happy with her relationship with Marquel until he told her that he was concerned because she “liked to drink.”

Marquel was convinced that he talked himself out of getting a rose and left when Robert came over.

Robert told Michelle he wanted to get to know her, and she self-consciously asked if he thought she drank too much. He seemed a little confused by the question.

Sarah wasn’t sure if she should give Dylan a rose because of her friendship with Elise.

“You didn’t come here because you wanted to meet your best friend,” Dylan told her.

Dylan then went to talk to Elise to tell her he just wanted to be friends.

Despite their previous conversation Michelle M. gave her rose to Marquel. Lacy not surprisingly chose Marcus. Clare picked Zack, and AshLee gifted hers to Graham.

Elise gave her rose to Dylan, but he refused it out of respect for her, saying that she had other options in the house.

She then gave a bizarre speech about women deserving someone who would “100 percent fight for her,” before giving the rose to Chris.

For the final rose, Sarah ultimately chose Robert, which led to Dylan’s elimination.

Do you think they made the right choices?

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