Bachelor in Paradise Premiere: New Rivalries Form After Hot Hookups (RECAP)

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BAchelor in Paradise August 4, 2014 Recap

By Michael Lewittes


BAchelor in Paradise August 4, 2014 Recap


“Bachelor in Paradise” kicked off its first season on Monday with 14 former “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants meeting in a tropical locale for a second chance at finding true love.

The show’s premiere was jam-packed with exotic dates, sweet first-kisses, and a lot of tears.

At the start of the episode, host Chris Harrison personally welcomed each new cast member to paradise.

Ladies Clare Crawley, Sarah Herron, Daniella McBride, Michelle Kujawa, AshLee Frazier, Elise Mosca, and Lacy Faddoul mingled with guys Robert Graham, Ben Scott, Graham Bunn, Marquel Martin, Marcus Grodd, and Dylan Pettit.

At first glance, most of the men seemed to be interested in Lacy, while almost all of the women were attracted to Marcus.

The group was wary of Ben, who was viewed as somewhat of a villain on Desiree Hartsock’s “Bachelorette” season.

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Elise immediately felt a connection with Dylan, while AshLee admitted she joined the series so she could meet Graham.

Just as the contestants started to enjoy themselves, Harrison returned to explain the rules of the game.

The cast members would have the opportunity to go on “Bachelor” style dates, and each week the sexes would alternate handing out roses to those they want to get to know better. Contestants who did not receive a rose would immediately be sent home.

Tensions started to rise between the ladies after it was announced that the men would be handing out roses first.

Lacy made the first move by taking Robert into the ocean where she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Homegirl is ready to party,” Sarah said of Lacy before admitting that she was uncomfortable with her actions.

Marcus admitted that he was not completely over last season’s “Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman, but he wasn’t left alone to ponder his rejection for long.

Later that night, Lacy abandoned Robert to follow Marcus, who was enjoying a nighttime swim.

Dylan and Elise also went for moonlight dip, where they shared the first kiss of the series.

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AshLee was already under the impression that she and Graham were meant to be, but Daniella was quick to point out that she thought the same thing during her season with Sean Lowe.

Despite being “claimed” by AshLee, Clare used her date card to ask out Graham.

AshLee reacted by crying, unable to believe that Graham would say yes. AshLee even referred to Clare as a “slut,” and dramatic reaction prompted the other ladies to call her “crazy.”

Clare was over the drama and cried to a raccoon outside (no joke!), before explaining to AshLee that she had no idea that she liked Graham.

She offered to give her the date card, but Ashlee refused. Finally, Clare suggested that she could ask someone else on the date, and AshLee agreed.

After explaining the situation to Graham, Clare chose Robert for her date, and Graham tried to talk to AshLee, but she brushed him off.

Things got really hot on Clare’s date with Robert because he somehow found himself covered in fire ants, and she insisted that he take his shirt off before they climbed the ancient ruins they were visiting, so she could enjoy both views.

They later enjoyed a picnic on the beach, where the frolicked in the ocean (see photo above).

Sarah was given the next date card, and to Lacy’s dismay she chose Marcus. The two swam in an underground oasis, where they shared a kiss.

Lacy started to panic that both of the guys she was interested in went on dates with other women. She cried to Robert and asked if he had kissed Clare, but she was soon reassured by the fact that he was still showing interest in her despite his date.

After everyone was settled in for the night, fellow alum Michelle Money entered the house with a date card, and it hit the women that two of them would now be going home after the rose ceremony.

Michelle M. immediately took Graham aside because they were somewhat of an item on “Bachelor Pad,” but eventually chose Marquel for her date, and they went horseback riding.

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The next day, AshLee was clearly threatened by Michelle M. and went to go apologize to Graham to get back into his good graces. He accepted her apology but referred to her previous actions as a red flag.

Meanwhile, Marcus admitted in the confessional that he enjoyed his time with Sarah, but he was really interested in Lacy.

Coincidentally, Lacy was the next lady to get a date card, and was torn between Robert and Marcus.

She ultimately chose to go out with Robert, and the two enjoyed a romantic dinner under the stars and a passionate kiss in the ocean.

Marcus was seriously bummed out by her decision, but Dylan advised him to play hard to get. He reminded Marcus that if he and Lacy are meant to be, it will fall into place.

On the night of the rose ceremony, the women had one more chance to bond with the guys in hopes of getting a rose.

“It’s really hard when there are three guys and six of them are wifed up by night one,” Sarah told Ben.

She said felt like she was going to be sent home, and while Marcus told her that he did have feelings for Lacy, he thought that she, too, deserved a rose.

In a surprising turn of events, Michelle K. announced before the rose ceremony that she was leaving the show because she didn’t have a connection with anyone.

Marcus was extremely conflicted about who he should give his rose too. He saw it as a romantic gesture, and he didn’t want to give it to someone he wasn’t going to pursue.

At the rose ceremony, Marquel gave his rose to Michelle M., Graham chose AshLee despite their previous problems. Dylan picked Elise.

Marcus then shocked everyone by gifting his to Lacy.

Robert next picked Clare, and Ben gave his rose to Sarah.

With Michelle K. already gone, Daniella was the only one sent home.

What do you think of the first episode?

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