Bachelor Recap: Tierra Gets “Hypothermia” and THREE Surprise Eliminations


By Shari Weiss



“The Bachelor” Sean Lowe and his bevy of beauties went from Montana to the Canadian Rockies on Tuesday’s special episode. While Lowe and a few of the contestants heated up, things remained icy as ever between this season’s villainess Tierra and her fellow contestants.

The episode began with Lowe, feeling dejected over all the drama amongst the women, heading out on a one-on-one date with Catherine, where their playtime on a glacier seemed to lighten his mood and get him out of his funk. The pair later moved on to the “fairytale” portion of their date with a horse-drawn carriage ride, eventually ending up at an ice castle built just for them. Lowe revealed to Catherine that he’s “crazy” about her and “can’t get enough,” and gave her the date rose — followed by a major kiss.

In what Lowe called an “exhilarating” group date, the ladies had to take a “polar bear plunge” — dunking into the ice cold water of Lake Louise. The group was warned by an EMT and lifeguard about potential hypothermia, and Tierra dramatically told the camera, “I might die,” a sentiment echoed by desert-born Selma, who opted not to partake.

Amidst many high-pitched screams, everyone else jumped in and, when Tierra came out, it seemed she couldn’t breath. “She doesn’t even look like she’s responsive,” noted Lowe, feeling “helpless” as the pros rushed the shaking brunette into a warm car and then to the hotel. “I missed time with Sean,” whined Tierra as she got warmed up, going on to tell the other gals she had “hypothermia.”

In no time, the girls labeled Tierra as the “boy who cried wolf,” and accused her of faking it — after all, this is not her first medical “emergency” this season, or even her second. Soon enough, Lowe was providing some TLC to Tierra as she received oxygen, and noted, “You keep managing to find one-on-one time with me.”

At a Tierra-less cocktail party, the other six girls vied for the group date rose — until you-know-who unexpectedly showed up, and was promptly whisked away by Lowe for more solo time. Much to Tierra’s shock, however, the rose was given to Lesley M., whom Sean felt he “turned a corner with.”

Later, in another surprise move, Lowe visited the girls in their hotel room and requested to speak with Sarah, who had opened up about her family and shared personal photos during the party. In the “hardest decision” he’s made thus far, Lowe explained that he felt he’d been trying to “force” their connection lately, and their kiss felt like they “were reaching.” And with that, a “hurt” and “caught off-guard” Sarah was sent home before the rose ceremony.

Lowe next went on another one-on-one-date with Desiree — the first contestant to score two — and rappelled down a 400-foot mountain to a picnic. In a bit of irony, Lowe led her to a teepee for the second part of the date, where Desiree revealed she lived in a tent as a child when money was tight. Lowe was touched by her vulnerability, and gave her the date rose, later revealing to the camera that he could see himself “proposing” to her.

At the pre-rose ceremony party, Selma — who last week said she couldn’t kiss someone on national TV due to the shame it would cause her conservative Muslim family — realized she needed to up her game after bailing on the polar plunge, and surprised Sean with a small kiss. He also shared a special moment with Ashlee, who let Sean blindfold her and lead her around to symbolically show that she’s now willing to trust him and give up control.

At the ceremony, Tierra had to sweat it out before getting the final rose. That meant Selma and Daniella were surprisingly the ones going home, with the former shocked by how it played out after her kiss with Sean and Tierra’s dramatics. Now just six women remain.

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