Bachelor Recap: Juan Pablo Makes “Mistake,” Goes “Too Far” With Clare

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By Michael Lewittes




Juan Pablo got way too close to Clare on Monday’s “The Bachelor,” and it totally blew up in the hairstylist’s face.

But let’s start at the beginning.

Renee received the first one-on-one date, during which the pair explored the local markets and bought gifts for their children.

Later, they had a romantic dinner and shared stories about how they became single parents.

Juan Pablo said she seemed like a “good mom,” which made him more attracted to her.

He gave her a rose — but not a kiss, as she had hoped. Next up was the group date, and naturally, this is where the drama began.

Juan Pablo had the girls partner up to ride in canoes together, and he went with Clare since she didn’t have a partner.

The got cozy together in their boat, angering the other women who said they felt like they were on Juan Pablo and Clare’s “one-on-one date.”

Then, during the cocktail reception, the Bachelor took her away for private time first.

They went swimming and made out in his private suite while the other ladies sat stewing.

And if that wasn’t enough, Juan Pablo gave the group date rose to Clare.

Then, after everyone went to sleep, Clare showed up at his room and asked him to go for a swim in the ocean.

“We just went for it, and I don’t regret it. Pure bliss in every way,” she said of their late-night rendezvous.


Nikki received the second one-on-one date of the episode.

The Bachelor took her rappelling in a cave, and she was extremely nervous about the adventure.

She told the camera, “I either live, or I die, or I poop my pants.”

Eventually, Nikki went for it, and the two experienced a huge rush together.

Over dinner, the pediatric nurse told Juan Pablo she felt ready and mature enough to be a stepmom.

He gave her a rose, and they made out.

Nikki told the camera she was “on cloud nine” during the date.

At the rose ceremony, Juan Pablo had some good one-one-on time with Andi, Cassandra and Renee.

Renee finally got a kiss from him, and she was beyond elated.

In a confessional with the camera, Juan Pablo admitted, “Maybe I made a mistake the other night… taking it too far with Clare.”

He then told Clare directly that what they did “wasn’t right” and wasn’t “fair” to the other 10 girls, or his daughter Camila.

Clare burst into tears, and told the camera, “My feelings were really really hurt.”

Eventually, she and Juan Pablo made up and decided to put the sexy night behind them.

Juan Pablo tweeted during the show, “I ADMIT it, in tonight’s EPISODE I made a MISTAKE…”

So, who did the Bachelor send home during the rose ceremony?

He kicked off Danielle, Kelly and Alli.

Check out video from the episode below!


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