VIDEO – Wyatt the Baby Drummer On Jimmy Kimmel: Adorable Or Irresponsible?

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Baby Drummer Kimmel

By Daniel Gates


Baby Drummer Kimmel


A nine-month-old baby named Wyatt recently became a viral sensation when his parents shot a video of him “drumming” along to Pantera on a little drum kit. On Monday, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” hosted Wyatt for an installment of “Can They Do It Live?” It was both adorable and a little unsettling.

On the one hand, it’s pretty cute to see little Wyatt’s wide eyes as he bangs away at the drums (with some help, of course). On the other hand, it all seems a little… irresponsible, and maybe even dangerous. One of Wyatt’s ear plugs falls out almost as soon as the segment begins, exposing his sensitive baby ear to heavy metal before it’s probably advisable. And it’s clear Wyatt’s parents are probably enjoying this all more than Wyatt is.

“He’s very comfortable in front of people,” remarks Kimmel at the end of the performance. Wyatt’s dad says that they expose him to “all different genres of music, but [I’m] a metal guy.” When Kimmel wonders whether all the head banging could be bad for his soft spot, Wyatt’s mom says she makes sure her husband “takes it easy on him.” Maybe, but we would have felt a lot better if his ears were better protected. Check out the video below and let us know whether you find this adorable or troubling. Note: Video no longer available.

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