WATCH: Azealia Banks Stops Concert To Break Up Fight (VIDEO)

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Azealia Banks fight

By James Crugnale


Azealia Banks fight


Azealia Banks stopped a concert mid-song to break up an audience fight that started while she was performing at Irving Plaza in New York City Monday night. Watch the video below!

In the middle of performing her song “Miss Amor,” Banks saw several people fighting in the crowd and immediately stopped the show to bring attention to it. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! We’re not gonna fight in the crowd!” Banks exclaimed. “That’s not what we’re going to do. You’re going to have to stop right now or you’re going to get kicked out. Y’all gotta figure it the f*ck out or all y’all are getting kicked the f*ck out, heard what I said?”

The rapper continued, “Ain’t don’t matter who hit who, you gotta stop f*cking touching each other right now. I’m looking at all five of y’all right now, I’ll throw all of you out right now, stop hitting!” After security dealt with the situation, Banks got the show back on track, launching back into “Miss Amor” without missing a beat.

“I’m gonna count to 10 and I’m gonna keep this show going!” said the performer. Check out the video of Azealia Banks stopping the fight below. What do you think of the incident and how she handled it?

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