Azealia Banks: I’m Quitting Twitter For Lent!

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Azealia Banks Lent

By Daniel Gates

Azealia Banks Lent

(Getty Images)

Azealia Banks is quitting Twitter for Lent. She explained, “Although I am not a baptized Christian, I Love lent and Good Friday. I missed the beginning of Lent but better late than never. I’m going off tweets until April 2nd!! My management will tweet AB news.”

She then immediately promised she’d still be on Instagram. And then she tweeted twice more. But it’s now been several hours since her last Twitter communication, so maybe Lent has finally taken hold.

Banks’ promised departure from Twitter will leave a giant hole in the Internet outrage machine. The rapper has made headlines in recent months by comparing Bill Cosby’s rape scandal to police murder of minorities, feuded with Iggy Azalea, repeatedly demanded slave reparations, blamed America and American corporations for stopping black people from succeeding, taken shots at Kendrick Lamar, called for segregation, labeled Erykah Badu “jealous,” slammed the “gay white media,” defended the use of the word “f*ggot,” and claimed men “hate” dark-skinned women.

That’s just a sampling. Oh, and her nude Playboy pictorial hasn’t even been released yet! But America, and the world, will have to make do without Banks’ Twitter feuds and pronouncements for the next few weeks. Unless she winds up tweeting before Lent ends. Stay tuned.

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