Azealia Banks: Men “Hate” Dark Skinned Women, “Treat Us Like Dogs”

Truth rating: 10
Azealia Banks dark skin

By Daniel Gates

Azealia Banks dark skin

(Getty Images)

Azealia Banks is about to show off a lot of skin in Playboy, but she suspects it won’t go over as well as if she had a different complexion. “I don’t care what anyone says: men in general despise dark skinned women,” declared the outspoken performer on Twitter. She added, “They hate us, and they treat us like dogs, then turn around and ask why we’re mad.”

Banks continued, “Seriously… The treatment I get for being a dark skinned woman just makes me want to lay down and die sometime… It’s sooooooo f*cking hurtful.” As Gossip Cop recently reported, Banks is about to appear nude in a Playboy cover pictorial the magazine promises will “break the Internet.” So it seems Playboy does not share Banks’ fears about whether men like dark skinned women.

Of course, Twitter rants are nothing new for Banks. She has warred with Iggy Azalea over the appropriation of black culture, blamed America and American corporations for not permitting blacks to succeed, slammed Kendrick Lamar over the issue of police brutality, advocated for the separation of whites and blacks, called out the “gay white media” as “evil” and ugly,” and defended her use of the word “f*ggot” as feminist rather than homophobic. What do you think about her latest comments?

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