Azealia Banks: America To Blame For Blacks Not Succeeding & We’re Owed BIG

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Azealia Banks Rant

By Daniel Gates

Azealia Banks Rant

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Azealia Banks called for massive slave reparations on Friday, and she followed up her tirade with a new rant on Saturday, saying she was “dead serious” and slamming America and American companies for profiting off slavery and never compensating black Americans. The performer argued that the country has systematically stopped blacks from succeeding. See what she had to say below, and tell us what you think.

She began by tweeting, “I don’t know why all the white people on my Twitter are saying I’m ‘playing the victim’ cause I’m not… I really just want my f*cking money. The current generations of children who are descended from slave traders just inherited their parents debt. And they need to pay.” Banks continued:

“Stop making this about my ‘feelings’ because it’s not. This is about what the black people are legally OWED. Affirmative Action, Welfare and Medicaid are patronizing as hell if you ask me…. It’s like, ‘here, we built this entire economic superpower of a country off of your backs, so here’s a nickel for bread.’ At this point, it’s not even about race or cultural appropriation or any other that other annoying sh*t because the black youth has a bigger Battle to fight. More than we need to preserve our identity, we need to get our f*cking money. And I’m dead serious.”

“Let these corny white people get their little black fantasies out, because they’re only put in place to distract us from the real issue. We need to get our money. F*ck all this other sh*t. A huge reparations payout would mean mass access to HIGH education for ALL blacks in this country. We could re-write the script.”

“And to most of the white people taking offense .. Most of your ancestors came here AFTER slavery, I’m not pointing my finger at you… I’m pointing my finger at AMERICA and the AMERICAN companies who used the money from slavery to build the very economy your ancestors were allowed to flourish in. Those jobs should, and could have been ours… But we were locked out of society. And yes! We have come a long f*cking way in this country as black people…. But it still doesn’t mean we have forgotten that y’all owe us. The infamous ’40 acres and a mule’ after slavery has been turned into that $40 and metrocard they give you when you get out of jail.”

Later, upset about some of the negative feedback she’d gotten, Banks tweeted, “Usually when I go on Twitter, I get 20 minutes of intelligent black conversation before all the conservatives, Kkk’s & guilty whites rush in.” Tell us what you think about what Banks has to say on the matter.

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