Azealia Banks Compares Bill Cosby Rape Scandal To Cops Murdering Blacks: ‘They Are Trying To Tear Down Our Father Figure’

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Azealia Banks Bill Cosby

By Daniel Gates

Azealia Banks Bill Cosby

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Azealia Banks says Bill Cosby is being taken down because he’s black, unbelievably linking the alleged serial rapist’s sex assault controversy to the recent police murders of unarmed African-Americans. As Gossip Cop reported, Banks previously went after Iggy Azalea, attacking the white Australian rapper for appropriating black musical culture but not talking enough about issues like the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases. On Thursday, Banks took things up a notch on Twitter.

In a series of tweets, Banks diagnosed current racial strife in America as a response to the election of President Obama. She tweeted, “But anyway, ever since Obama got in office there’s been such racial tension in america.. and such tension towards black consciousness. A black man in office is SCARY to white folk, and they will try and do ANY AND EVERYTHING to remind us that they are in control.”

“From police murders, to Macklemore and Igloo Australia…. They are even trying to tear down our father figure BILL COSBY,” wrote Banks. She added, “If Obama doesn’t shred the NYPD for this…… Macklemore is cute tho… thats a cute white boy. Referring to Cosby’s sexual assault accusers, Banks said, “Them b*tches frontin’ like they wasn’t trying to get some of that pudding pop!!!!”

Wow. So what did we learn from Banks? Well, Macklemore is cute. Bill Cosby’s accusers wanted him to have sex with them. And the ascension of Iggy Azalea, the shocking police killings of black civilians and Cosby’s alleged rape of nearly two dozen women are all apparently pretty much the same thing. What do you think of Banks’ comments?

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