Axl Rose NOT Dead: Fake MSNBC Death Hoax Goes Viral On Facebook

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Axl Rose Dead

By Daniel Gates

Axl Rose Dead

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Axl Rose is NOT dead. He’s the victim of a new death hoax, designed to look like an MSNBC report. Do not believe it. Axl Rose is alive and hopefully well.

The awful hoax comes from the jerks behind the URL, which has no affiliation with the real news outlet and tries to fool people into clicking on bogus stories. A new phony report has the headline, “Sources: Guns N’ Roses Frontman Axl Rose Found Dead in West Hollywood Home at Age 52.”

To fill out the 100 percent fake story, the pranksters write, “Unconfirmed reports say Rose was found dead Tuesday late afternoon in his West Hollywood home after police were called around 3:30 pm for a welfare check.” According to a fake quote from a fake police spokesperson, “The home was entered by police through an open back door where a body was found in the foyer area.”

Enough people have been duped by this story to share it more than 39,000 times on social media like Facebook. Again, this is TOTALLY FAKE. pulled the same trick last month with a death hoax about Macaulay Culkin. The phony Culkin story is almost identical to the phony Rose story. Don’t believe any report coming from

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