Australian News Anchors Battle Each Other In Anchorman-Style Parody Brawl (VIDEO)

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Australian News Anchors Anchorman

By Michael Lewittes


Australian News Anchors Anchorman


The top news anchors in Australia had an Anchormanstyle brawl, complete with bats, knives, torches, pitchforks, guns, axes and metals chains, among other weapons, in a new parody clip called “Broadcast Battleground” that’s hit the web. It all starts with rival anchors having had enough of real-life news reader Lee Lin Chin. And much like the hilarious scene in Anchorman, the violence cartoonishly escalates (video below).

After Chin is duped into an abandoned warehouse, where she thinks she’s getting free clothes and beer, rival anchors emerge looking for a good fight. First on the scene are the news readers from ABC, who let Chin know there’s no free beer, “only pain” and they say they’re ready for a “fight to the death.” After one anchor notes he’s never had to make a retraction, he adds he’s ready for a first “because I’m ready to retract Lee Lin’s teeth from her face.”

Next into the fray are the anchors from Channel 10, followed by the on-air faces of Channel 9. But that’s not all. Channel 7 shows up and announces they’re “first in news, and first in beating down you punkass bitches.” The childrens-oriented SBS2 network anchors also arrive for the fight. Chin says she’s had enough and wants “less gabbing and more stabbing.” And she gets it. The brawl breaks out, and there’s lots of fighting, biting, gunshots, impaling, and choking. Check out the goofy video below and tell us what you think.

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