Sony NOT Working On “Aunt May” Movie, Despite Reports (EXCLUSIVE)

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Aunt May Movie

By Daniel Gates


Aunt May Movie


Sony is NOT planning to make a movie about Aunt May, who helps raise Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-man franchise. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this ridiculous story, which went viral on Tuesday.

For some reason, dozens of outlets decided to pick up an “exclusive” from Latino Review claiming the Aunt May character, played by Sally Field in the most recent films, would be getting her own movie — without Spider-man. The alleged project supposedly would be about Aunt May “as a youth, before she was shouldered with the responsibility of raising Peter Parker.”

There is all sorts of bogus speculation about the movie being a period piece “espionage story” about the woman who would eventually become Aunt May. The piece’s author declares, “I was told by the Latino Review editorial brain-trust that this is completely true: Sony is pursuing an Aunt May movie.”

Here’s a lesson: Don’t trust the Latino Review editorial brain-trust. Because this story is the opposite of “completely true.” A studio source tells Gossip Cop there’s “no validity whatsoever” to the story about an Aunt May movie. We’re told it’s a “silly rumor” and nothing more.

Media outlets must CREDIT and LINK to Gossip Cop on this exclusive.

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