VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Pranks His Aunt Chippy At Ceramics Class

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Aunt Chippy Prank Video

By Daniel Gates


Aunt Chippy Prank Video


Jimmy Kimmel and his Cousin Sal pranked their Aunt Chippy in her senior citizens’ ceramics class for a hilarious segment on Monday’s show.

Kimmel explained, “Anyone that knows me, knows that one of my primary passions in life is driving my Aunt Chippy crazy.” He noted, “Since I was a kid, my cousin Sal and I, we pulled so many pranks on her that at this point I am worried that she will catch on. Now we try to target her in places she would never suspect.”

The talk show host said his Aunt Chippy lives in Las Vegas, where she attends a weekly ceramics class. “She loves it,” he said, “which is why I decided to infiltrate and ruin it.” Kimmel and Cousin Sal recruited an actor to play an extremely troublesome new member of the class, whose sole purpose seemed to be tormenting the volatile, foul-mouthed Chippy. Of course, Sal was hidden away, giving instructions to the old man through an ear piece. Chippy’s reactions, first to the man’s behavior and then to finding out she’d been pranked, are priceless. Check out the hilarious video below, and tell us what you think!

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