Ashton Kutcher Tells Esquire: Some Of My Movies “F**king Suck Donkey”

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By Shari Weiss

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Ashton Kutcher has no problem acknowledging that some of his films are far from the greatest movies ever made. “I know exactly what films I’ve done that f**king suck donkey,” the actor admits in the March issue of Esquire. “And I know the ones that are good, that people like.”

Kutcher explains that he knows “it not because of the box office, because the box office is not going to tell you the truth,” but because he has “friends that don’t hold back.” “They don’t depend on me for money or employment. They’re just friends,” he says. “Friends tell the truth. ” The “Two and a Half Men” star continues, “I know who these people are in my life. Partners, friends, coworkers. You have a movie and you show it to them, and if it sucks you want them to be like, ‘Dude, that kind of blows.'”

While Kutcher doesn’t name names, it’s clear he has lofty expectations for his film jOBS, about late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, saying, “I think it turned out really well, jobs was an extraordinary guy, but a very ordinary guy in many ways,” he tells the magazine, going on quote one of Jobs’ speeches, where he said, “‘So when you grow up, if you spend your life trying not to bounce into walls, just inheriting what you get, you gotta know your life can be a lot broader than that. Once you realize one simple thing: Everything around you that you call life was made by people who are no smarter than you. And you can change it. You can influence it. You can build your own things that other people can use.'”

Kutcher tells Esquire, “And I heard that and I knew exactly what the niche for making that movie was, what the social need for making the movie was.” “For people seeking purpose. I remember growing up and looking at the world and going, Okay, how do I live in this? Instead of How do I create it? How do I build it? How do I make something?” he says. “And the empowerment of these ideas, I think they make an important story.”

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