Ashton Kutcher “Love Child Shocker!” Cover Is A Laugher

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(In Touch)

By Daniel Gates

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore

(In Touch)

Masters of the bait-and-switch, In Touch is at it again this week with a cover devoted to Ashton Kutcher‘s “Love Child Shocker!” The magazine purports to have the inside scoop on Demi Moore‘s “nightmare,” and claims that there’s “baby news” with the actor’s alleged mistress, Sara Leal, with whom Kutcher was supposedly caught in a hot tub. But it’s all just a bit of tabloid trickery.

In Touch does not have any “love child” bombshell, just carefully worded misdirection to further sensationalize the ongoing Kutcher-Moore story. The magazine promotes an “exclusive” interview with Kutcher’s “mistress,” but the “mistress” turns out to be Brittney Jones, whose claims of a fling last year with Kutcher were slammed by the actor’s legal team and never validated.

It’s Jones, not Leal, who speaks with In Touch and alleges that Kutcher and she never practiced birth control, leading to a moment when she “thought she was pregnant” (she wasn’t) and Kutcher supposedly cut ties. Based on a never-substantiated story of another woman’s non-pregnancy, therefore, In Touch suggests there’s “the very real possibility that Ashton could be the father of a love child” with Leal.

There’s no “baby news,” no pregnancy, and no love child. The real “shocker” would be if In Touch actually backed up its reckless cover with a story that matched.

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