Ashton Kutcher Hooking Up With Lea Michele?

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By Michael Lewittes


Ashton Kutcher may be moving on from Demi Moore with “Glee” star Lea Michele, reports OK! magazine. So soon?

The mag says at the New Year’s Eve premiere in L.A., the co-stars “mooned and pawed at each other and seemed all but ready for a roll in the Hollywood landmark’s iconic cement.” And a supposed “source” close to the film’s cast tells OK!, “It wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if they were hooking up,” noting, “Their chemistry was undeniable on-set.”

An “eyewitness” at the screening says the pair “were so enamored of each other that they scarcely made any time for any of the other myriad of A-listers at the premiere. Lea and Ashton pretty much only had eyes for each other,” says the source, adding, “Lea was hanging on his every word, touching his arm every time he made a joke.”

Of course, OK! conveniently leaves out the fact that Michele brought “Glee” star Jonathan Groff as her date. Anyway, while Kutcher and Michele certainly cozied up for the cameras at the premiere, that doesn’t mean they’re about to shack up. A source extremely close to Michele tells Gossip Cop there’s absolutely nothing romantic going on between them.

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