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Tab wrong about Ashton Kutcher’s cleaning habits

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While the National Enquirer isn’t always accurate, it does amuse us with its creativity.

According to the supermarket tab, “Even though Ashton Kutcher often dresses scruffy, he’s a fanatical clean freak.”

How so?

The mag claims Kutcher “showers several times a day, washes his hands incessantly, gets a mani-pedi TWICE a week…keeps multiple shirts on hand because he won’t wear just one for an entire day, AND gets his car hand-washed daily.”

Yes, Kutcher is sanitary, but this report about him bordering on obsessive compulsive behavior is not clean fun. 

It’s wrong. 

A rep for the star tells Gossip Cop the Enquirer‘s account is “101% false” and “complete nonsense.”

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