Ashley Greene: Crack Pipe Story Not True, Building Manager Trying To Extort

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Ashley Greene Crack Pipe

By Michael Lewittes


Ashley Greene Crack Pipe

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Sources close to Ashley Greene are fighting back against claims by Adrian Mayorga, the manager of her West Hollywood apartment building, who alleges in court papers that a crack pipe was found in the aftermath of the March 2013 fire that started in her home.

As Gossip Cop noted more than a year and half ago, Greene’s apartment was destroyed by a fire after a lit candle reportedly ignited some fabric. Greene, her brother Joe, and another man were all sleeping in the apartment at the time and escaped unscathed, but one of her dogs perished in the blaze. Several other nearby apartments were also damaged by the raging fire.

Now, as we reported earlier, the building’s owners and several tenants are suing Greene, along with Mayorga, who says he suffered permanent respiratory damage and that a glass crack pipe was found in the actress’ apartment. The building manager says in his court papers that as Greene, her brother and her “current boyfriend, Ryan Phillippe” made it out of her apartment, they looked “disoriented,” as if they had been “drunk or under the influence of something.”

Phillippe, however, has sworn in a deposition that not only wasn’t he in the apartment that night, but also that he’s never been in that building.

A Greene insider now exclusively tells Gossip Cop that Mayorga’s claims are “bullsh*t,” adding he’s “looking for money.” Our impeccable source flat out says, “There was no crack pipe in the apartment.” Our source also points out that according to Mayorga’s lawsuit, he was told there was a crack pipe in the unit by a friend of a friend, which is hearsay, not exactly reliable, and, in this case, completely untrue.

Additionally, Gossip Cop’s source points to the claim that Phillippe was in the apartment when it’s already been established as wholly inaccurate. “This guy has already been caught in a lie once,” says our insider, further alleging, “This is an attempt to extort money out of a young actress.” As for the allegation that Greene looked “disoriented,” our source points out that she was awakened in the middle of the night by a fire, “How else would one look” during such similar circumstances?

Gossip Cop will continue to cover this story.

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