Ashley Greene Victim of Bad Liposuction?

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By Michael Lewittes

Ashley Greene

(Getty Images)

“Was Ashley Greene bitten by a vampire in real life?” asks Star, which writes that the Twilight actress “inadvertently revealed what looked like scars from two puncture wounds on her right thigh during a Breaking Dawn event in Chicago.”

Starving for scandal, the tabloid showed a photograph of Greene’s leg (right) to an “L.A. based plastic surgeon,” who says, “It’s possible they’re liposuction scars… Poorly done liposuction can result in dents and divots similar to the ones evident on Ms. Greene’s thigh.”

The doctor, who has never treated or even met Greene, further conjectures, “She also could have had a ‘fat melting’ procedure such as mesotherapy, which involves injecting the drug in small volumes to spot areas to treat localized sections of fat,” resulting sometimes in “skin dimpling.”

However, if the mag cared even the slightest bit about the truth, they would have gone to people who know the actress, as Gossip Cop did, rather than to some random doctor who told them what they want to hear. A source close to Greene tells us liposuction claims are “false,” and explains, “The scars are from a childhood injury – she broke her leg and had pins put in as part of the recovery.”

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