CLAIM: Ashlee Simpson Had “Vicious Blow-Up” With Diana Ross Over Having Children With Evan Ross

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Ashlee Simpson Diana Ross Fighting

By Shari Weiss

Ashlee Simpson Diana Ross Fighting

(Getty Images)

Ashlee Simpson did NOT have a “vicious blow-up” with Diana Ross, despite a new story claiming “the pushy Motown icon ordered her to get pregnant immediately.” The allegations are 100 percent not true. And, not surprisingly, they originate in the National Enquirer, the same outlet that has been telling tall tales about the Simpson family for years. In its latest issue, the supermarket tabloid changes focus slightly, making up a rift between Simpson and her new mother-in-law that the Enquirer claims “has been brewing” since she married Evan Ross in August.

Now, according to the taboid, the “tension” between Simpson and the elder Ross recently “exploded” when the music legend “flat out said she wanted to know when [Simpson] was intending to give her a grandchild.” A so-called “insider” for the magazine claims, “At first, Ashlee thought it was a joke but when she realized Diana was serious, she was highly offended.”

No, she wasn’t, because this supposed “blow-up” NEVER took place. When Gossip Cop investigated the Enquirer’s story, sources close to the Simpson-Ross families were not only surprised by it, they also confirmed it’s hilariously false. One impeccable insider close to the couple even tells Gossip Cop, “PLEASE! This is laughable.”

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