CLAIM: Arnold Schwarzenegger Wanted ‘20-Year-Old Honey’ After Marriage Breakup

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By Shari Weiss

Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver


Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to spill all about his life and career in his upcoming memoir, “Total Recall,” but first Newsweek has a piece about the former governor’s recent trials and tribulations. The magazine is out with an article about the demise of his marriage to Maria Shriver, which largely stemmed from Schwarzenegger fathering a child with the family housekeeper, Mildred Baena.

According to Newsweek, “Schwarzenegger slept with the middle-aged Baena for the same reason that George Mallory said he climbed Mount Everest—because she was there. With Arnold, sex has always been about his willful assertion on the world. It is about taking everything he wants to take, touching anything he feels like touching, and going wherever he wants to go.”

In the years after Baena gave birth (and son Joseph began to look more and more like his secret father), Shriver reportedly had questions about the boy’s paternity, but “every time Shriver talked to Schwarzenegger about it, he said it was not true,” friends and family tell the magazine.

Newsweek also says tension between the pair increased during Schwarzenegger’s time in office, with the movie star becoming “consumed with the incredible rush of power and prestige that, according to one source, was almost like an addiction.”

It was Jan 4, 2011, the day after his term ended, when Shriver confronted Schwarzenegger about the affair, and he confessed. “To hear Schwarzenegger’s account, it was a civilized encounter, where manners trumped feelings,” Newsweek reports. “But those who have felt the sting of Maria’s anger suggest the decibel level of her wrath was a hundred-fold higher.”

Issues between the two also reportedly differed on how best to move forward and possibly save their marriage. The magazine says that Schwarzenegger “could not understand why Maria could not just forgive and get on with things, and when Maria said she needed a trial separation and told Arnold to move out, family and friends say that he refused. It was his house, and he wasn’t budging.”

Only when “Arnold refused to continue with therapy after the one session,” writes Newsweek, “Maria decided she had no choice but to ask for a divorce.” Apparently, that was just fine with the movie star. Newsweek reports that Schwarzenegger allegedly told a neighbor, “I think things will work out OK with Maria, but if they don’t, I’m getting me a 20-year-old honey.” He also allegedly declared, “I have the money, the power, and the plane, and I will have the friends.”

Shriver “truly loved him. She was looking for a basis to go back, but he was incapable of giving it to her,” says a Newsweek source. But what Schwarzenegger has been left with is open to debate. “Arnold’s always been alone,” one former pal tells Newsweek. “It’s just that it’s more obvious, and maybe now even he recognizes something of his fate.”

A source close to Schwarzenegger tells Gossip Cop the former governor “never said” those things about the “20-year-old” or “the money, the power,” and points out that the Newsweek article is based entirely on anonymous quotes. What do you think about the allegations?

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