Arnold Schwarzenegger And Jimmy Fallon “Brainstorm” On Tonight Show (VIDEO)

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show

By Andrew Shuster


Arnold Schwarzenegger Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jimmy Fallon synced minds and completed each other’s thoughts on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show.” It was all part of another installment of “Brainstorm,” a recurring bit in which a guest first states an “answer” and then Fallon telepathically comes up with what the question was. Watch the funny video below!

With Schwarzenegger’s brain providing the answer and Fallon’s brain revealing the question, the two began the mind reading game. “It’s complicated,” answered Schwarzenegger. Fallon correctly guessed the question to be, “How does Rachel Dolezal describe herself on Facebook?.” Larry King’s age, Chris Christie’s weight, Willie Nelson’s pot use and even Schwarzenegger’s pronunciation of California would go on to become the punchlines of more jokes throughout the sketch. Plus, do you know what “the battle of the bulge” is? Apparently, as Schwarzenegger answered, it was the “original’ title of Magic Mike 2!

Schwarzenegger was on the “Tonight Show” to promote his upcoming movie Terminator Genisys, the long-awaited sequel in the star’s popular movie franchise.

Jimmy Fallon has previously played “Brainstorm” on the “Tonight Show” with Charlize Theron, Anderson Cooper, and Tyra Banks. Check out the video below of Arnold Schwarzenegger “brainstorming” with Jimmy Fallon, and tell us what you think.

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