Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He Lost “More Than $200 Million”

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By Michael Lewittes


Arnold Schwarzenegger told the Austrian newspaper Krone that being governor of California cost him hundreds of millions of dollars. The actor-turned-politician said if one calculated all the income from the movies roles he could have taken during the years he served as governor, plus his out-of-pocket expenses, “in all it is probably more than $200 million” he personally lost running the state of California.

But Schwarzenneger doesn’t regret the big bucks loss. He said, “I’m not sorry. It was more than worth it.” Being governor, however, did cost Schwarzenegger in other ways. “What was much worse was the damage my time as governor did to the family. There is a lot there that needs to be repaired,” said Schwarzenegger.

He explained that during his first term in office, he would leave his wife, Maria Shriver, and their kids in their Los Angeles-area home on Monday mornings, and head to the state capitol in Sacramento, where he would remain until the end of the week. “It was heartbreaking every time,” said Schwarzenegger, adding, “In my second term of office, I did better. I tried to fly home every evening.” Gossip Cop hopes Schwarzenneger has since been able to catch up on lost family time.

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