Ariana Grande Obsessed Fan Tim Normandin Arrested At Concert

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Ariana Grande Tim Normandin Arrested at Concert

By Shari Weiss

Ariana Grande Tim Normandin Arrested at Concert

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An obsessed fan was recently arrested at Ariana Grande’s concert, several months after he sent her a 42-pound pumpkin.

As Gossip Cop reported last November, Tim Normandin was sending Grande a number of packages, including 42.5-pound pumpkin, a rock from the White Mountains in New Hampshire, eight Yankee candles, a $200 anklet from Kay Jewelers, a Kmart mirror set and calendars featuring dogs and cat. The unwanted, creepy behavior prompted police to pay him a visit at his home in Massachusetts, where he was warned he could face criminal harassment charges if he didn’t stop bombarding the pop star.

Normandin was apparently undeterred, because he escalated his behavior last month when Grande came to Connecticut for a show on her “Honeymoon Tour.” The 29-year-old Normandin showed up at the concert venue determined to meet the singer, and was subsequently arrested for criminal trespassing. Thankfully police were on alert for his potential presence, and were able to take swift action. He was eventually released from custody on a $5,000 bond, according to TMZ.

Unfortunately, Grande is not the only star to deal with stalker-like situations lately. As Gossip Cop reported, Gwen Stefani got a restraining order earlier this month after a number of incidents with a man named Richard Portnoy, who threatened to commit suicide out of supposed concern for the star, and led Stefani to call police after he trailed her to an acupuncture clinic.

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