Ariana Grande: I Never Said Ex-Boyfriend Cheated On Me With Another Guy

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Ariana Grande Gay Boyfriend

By Daniel Gates

Ariana Grande Gay Boyfriend

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Ariana Grande says she was misquoted and never claimed an ex-boyfriend cheated on her with another man. On Wednesday, outlets began spreading an interview Grande allegedly gave Metro about her song “Break Your Heart Right Back,” which is about a guy cheating on his girlfriend with another guy. The original story quotes the singer as supposedly saying, “It’s one of my favorites on the album and it’s really funny because I believe it has happened to me. I’m not 100 percent positive but I’m 99.9 percent positive.”

Soon, everyone from Perez Hilton to Digital Spy began running headlines implying that Grande had definitely said an “ex-boyfriend” cheated on her with a man. Some of her prominent past partners, like Jai Brooks and Nathan Sykes, were mentioned by name by those outlets amid the speculation.

Grande took to Twitter late in the day to set the record straight — kind of.

So there you have it. While it’s still not exactly clear how biographical the song is (or isn’t), let’s all avoid unnecessary drama.

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Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend cheated on her with another man.

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