Ariana Grande Did NOT “Ban” Press From Concert, Despite Reports (EXCLUSIVE)

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Ariana Grande Bans Press

By Daniel Gates


Ariana Grande Bans Press

(Perez Hilton/Instagram)

Ariana Grande did NOT “ban the press” from her latest show, despite reports. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the claim, which originated in the St. Paul Pioneer Press and was then spread by outlets like Perez Hilton.

The Pioneer Press ran an unflattering review of Grande’s Sunday performance in St. Paul, calling it “the concert Ariana Grande didn’t want you to see.” According to the reviewer, “This is typically the time in a pop star’s career when media exposure is crucial, yet Grande’s management has banned press photographers and review tickets for her current outing.” The outlet wants to know, “What are they hiding?”

This led Perez Hilton to run the headline, “Ariana Grande BANS The Press From Her Latest Show — But Why??” The blogger declared, “After that story, Miz Grande is probably even less inclined to let the press in than she was before!”

While it’s no surprise that scandal-seeking outlets like Perez Hilton are eager to portray Grande in a bad light, making it seem as though she’s imposed some kind of mysterious ban on reporters… it’s simply NOT true. A source close to Grande tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “No one was banned.” While we can’t explain the original reviewer’s gripe, another source speculates that because some people weren’t able to get tickets, it could be a matter of sour grapes.

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