Jimmy Kimmel Introduces Apple iLine — “You People Are F**king Idiots!” (VIDEO)

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Apple iLine

By Daniel Gates


Apple iLine


Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at the public’s insatiable desire for Apple products on Tuesday by introducing the iLine.”

“The Apple watch and the iPhone 6 are a reality at long last,” explained Kimmel. “It’s impressive that we look forward to these announcements from Apple in the same way we look forward to like the announcement of the Academy Awards.” He noted, “Everyone wants to know what they are doing. People wait outside the store not knowing what the product will be.”

Since people will wait outside an Apple Store for days, why not make that the latest branded experience? In the parody ad, it is explained that at a certain point Apple “moved beyond being simply a technology company” and is now a “cultural icon.” Apple’s new product, iLine, allows customers to wait in line for days, maybe even weeks. When they finally get to the front, they pay the company $600 and go home with nothing but the satisfaction of being the first in line. After all, as Apple says in the spoof ad: “You People Are F**king iDiots.” Given the overwhelming reaction to the iPhone 6 launch, maybe it’s not so far-fetched. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think!

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