VIDEO: Anne Hathaway Shows Off “Zero Gravity” Trick By Standing On One Leg On Graham Norton

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Anne Hathaway Graham Norton One Leg

By Daniel Gates


Anne Hathaway Graham Norton One Leg


Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey of Interstellar appeared on Friday’s “The Graham Norton Show,” where Hathaway showed off the very high-tech way their movie achieved a “zero gravity” look for some scenes: She stood on one leg.

McConaughey explained that the filmmakers actually used a few different ways to make the actors seem weightless, but Hathaway’s one-leg trick seems to have been a favorite. It’s even more impressive with the music from 2001: A Space Odyssey playing.

Hathaway also discussed her admiration for McConaughey, especially his work in Magic Mike. The actress described sitting down to talk about Interstellar for the first time with director Christopher Nolan, who told her he was considering McConaughey for the lead role — at which point, Hathaway would “not shut up” about her enthusiasm for Magic Mike, much to Nolan’s discomfort.

She told Norton and McConaughey that she left the theater after Magic Mike convinced the actor would win an Oscar. Sure enough, he did, for last year’s Dallas Buyers Club. McConaughey told Norton a very amusing anecdote about what was going through his head at the moment his name was announced as the winner.

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