VIDEO: Anne Hathaway Can’t Stop Laughing About Coma Movie On Daily Show

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Anne Hathaway Laughing

By Daniel Gates


Anne Hathaway Laughing

(Comedy Central)

Anne Hathaway and Jon Stewart couldn’t stop laughing on Wednesday’s “The Daily Show.” What made their giggling fit even worse was that it came right after Hathaway described how her Song One character’s brother is in a coma. Watch the video below.

It all began innocently. Hathaway was giving the film’s premise to Stewart: “I play a young anthropologist getting her Ph.D in Morocco, and… something happened to her while she was a teenager that made her grow up really… a lot too fast. So she became an adult very quickly, very young. And so she never kind of explored any part of her artistic side. And then her little brother who’s 19 calls her up and says, ‘I’m dropping out of college to become a musician,’ and she doesn’t react very well. And they hadn’t spoken for six months, and then he gets hit by a car and is in a coma.”

That’s when Hathaway and Stewart looked at each other… and burst into laughter. And their giggling didn’t really stop over the next couple of minutes. It was the most unexpectedly amusing conversation about a car accident and coma we’ve ever seen. Watch the video below, and tell us what you think.

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