The Gossip Table Spreads Lies About Anne Hathaway Cancer Event “Demands”

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By Daniel Gates

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The ghastly VH1 train wreck called “The Gossip Table” messed up yet again on Thursday, somehow making some already horrendous In Touch reporting about Anne Hathaway even worse.

The hooting, howling and poorly informed panelists, who spent more time on their Halloween costumes than checking facts, first regurgitated the false tabloid report about the actress allegedly making “diva” demands at the recent Pink Party cancer research benefit in Santa Monica.

Hathaway supposedly had “her team” tell organizers that no one was to approach her, take photographs, or even discuss the cause with her, say the panelists. This is 100 percent false.

But the “Gossip Table” crew takes the In Touch story and runs with it, because gullibility is among their most obvious qualities. One of the confused participants, a self-described “reporter” who works for an outlet that spreads tasteless inaccuracies, took great offense to Hathaway’s alleged requests.

“It really does leave a bad taste in my mouth, and it makes me not even want to interview her next time,” says the “reporter” who was not at the event and has no clue what happened. Well, Gossip Cop actually took the time to look into the story, instead of believing what In Touch (of all places) says.

First, a rep for Hathaway tells Gossip Cop, “Anne never ever would make those demands and its so unfair to do this to her when the event itself was so lovely and she was so happy to be apart of it.” Even more tellingly, an official with the event was bewildered by the ridiculous In Touch and “Gossip Table” allegations. “I can tell you that Anne was absolutely lovely, genuine and kind to everyone who attended The Pink Party,” the organizer tells Gossip Cop, adding that Hathaway “gave one of the most heartfelt speeches” in the event’s history and calling her “an absolute delight.”

“These accusations are false and cruel and it’s truly a shame when both Anne and the event were so wonderful,” we’re told. Maybe once their Halloween fun ends, “The Gossip Table” crew can wear dunce caps for the next episode.

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