VIDEO: Anna Kendrick Reveals How Chris Pine Tastes, Calls Meryl Streep A “Bro”

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Anna Kendrick Watch What Happens Live Video

By Shari Weiss


Anna Kendrick Watch What Happens Live Video


Anna Kendrick spilled all about her Into the Woods co-stars on Wednesday’s “Watch What Happens Live.” On the late-night show’s last new episode of 2014, Andy Cohen asked Kendrick to play a game of “Cinder-TELL-A,” a nod to Kendrick’s Cinderella character in the upcoming Disney musical movie. Check out the video below!

The host first wanted to know about Meryl Streep, asking, “On a scale of one to Meryl, how Meryl was she?” Kendrick revealed she actually wasn’t very Meryl at all, or at least not the Meryl the public may expect. “You think she’s going to be very cold and regal and you have to talk to her about very serious things. [But] she just wants to like have a beer and talk about the MTV Movie Awards,” reveals the actress. “She’s just kind of a bro.”

Kendrick was next asked how Chris Pine, who plays Cinderella’s prince in the film, “tastes.” “Cinnamon in a meadow [and] dreams,” quipped the star. When queried about Johnny Depp’s preferred craft services treat, Kendrick answered, “Unicorn poops.” (She actually didn’t know the real answer.) Kendrick went on to reveal that she was the cast member “most pissed off” when Jake Gyllenhaal dropped out of the project, as she didn’t know any of the other stars at the time.

Kendrick, however, ended up becoming quite close with Emily Blunt, who she says, like Streep, isn’t as icy as she may seem. “She’s the kind of gal who loves a fart joke, and I appreciate that,” says the funny lady. What else did Kendrick share? Check out the videos below!

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