Anna Kendrick: Naked Selfies Are Cool, As Long As You Do One Thing (VIDEO)

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Anna Kendrick Naked Selfies

By Daniel Gates


Anna Kendrick Naked Selfies


Anna Kendrick has no problem with naked selfies. She’s more concerned about clutter. The actress explained her issue on Wednesday’s “Conan.” Watch the video below.

She told Conan O’Brien she’s totally cool with the nude pictures everyone seems to be taking of themselves, with one caveat. “Naked selfie your life away, go do your thing… but clean your room!” declared Kendrick.

The actress asked, “Wouldn’t you prefer a naked girl in a clean room to a naked girl in a messy room? I’m just saying, if I were a guy, I’d be seeking out the neat freaks and asking them for naked selfies… You went through all the trouble to strike the pose… make the bed!” She joked, “Who is your decorator, madam? Your abs are wonderful, but stop it!”

Meanwhile, Kendrick is a little worried about her own privacy, for a totally different reason. She said she has been alone in her car, singing to herself, when fans have tweeted her to say they can see what she’s doing. The actress seems more terrified of someone recording cell phone video of her giving an embarrassing, in-car musical performance than anything more salacious. Watch the videos below, and tell us what you think!

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