Anna Kendrick: Chris Pine and Corset Almost Killed Me! (VIDEO)

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Anna Kendrick Daily Show

By Daniel Gates


Anna Kendrick Daily Show

(Comedy Central)

Anna Kendrick ruined fairy tales for Jon Stewart’s daughter during her appearance on Wednesday’s “The Daily Show.” She also talked about how Chris Pine and a corset almost killed her. Check out the video below!

The Into The Woods actress was talking about how the movie is split into two halves; the first half features the classic fairy tale stories as we know them, while the second part shows where things “fall apart.” Kendrick explained, “It’s about how fairy tales are dishonest, and they tell us that things in our life are going to be simple, and they aren’t.”

At that point, Stewart interrupted Kendrick, said that his daughter was watching, and jokingly turned to the camera and said of Kendrick, “She’s just f*cking kidding. Life’s a dream, sweetie. Go to bed.”

Kendrick also discussed what it was like to have to sing while wearing a corset. “It’s like being temporarily asthmatic,” she said. “The simplest things become significantly more difficult.” When Chris Pine made her laugh on set, Kendrick was having fun until it became so painful she started screaming that she was “dying” and began “clawing at the corset.” Fun times!

We also learned that she’s a terrible cook, and that her on-set vocal exercises occasionally confused crew members who thought she was just being awkwardly passive-aggressive. It all makes sense if you hear her explain it. Check out Kendrick’s latest charming interview on “The Daily Show” in the video below, and tell us what you think!

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