Anna Faris: Most Paparazzi Are “Pretty Nice Guys”

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Anna Faris Paparazzi

By Minyvonne Burke

Anna Faris Paparazzi


Anna Faris feels most paparazzi “are pretty nice,” and says she isn’t all that bothered about them taking pictures of her. She adds that while many celebrities are annoyed about constantly being hounded for photos and “resent them,” she doesn’t have a problem with the paparazzi.

Faris notes that she and husband Chris Pratt are “pretty low-key,” though occasionally encounter photographers trying to get pictures on them while they’re out in public. “I don’t know if my husband would necessarily agree, but most of them [paparazzi] are pretty nice guys, just trying to make a living,” Faris tells Health magazine. “And a lot of them are apologetic,” she adds.

The actress says that “if you’re nice to them,” the paparazzi will generally leave you alone. “I think some celebrities are so mean to them and resent them so much,” Faris says, adding, “I mostly feel scared just going out without makeup on.”

Faris does admit there are certain times, like when she and Pratt took their two-year-old son Jack to a children’s museum, she finds it strange paparazzi are trying to take their photos. “We were just like, ‘It’s an odd thing that’s happening, but let’s not stress or stress Jack out,’” she tells the magazine. What do you think about Faris’ approach to dealing with paparazzi?

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