CLAIM: Angelina Jolie Down to 99 Pounds; Brad Pitt Stages “Intervention”

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By Daniel Gates


“Alarmed over his partner’s recent weight loss, Brad Pitt has staged an intervention with Angelina Jolie, begging her to get help,” claims Star magazine in a cover story that alleges she’s down to 99 pounds and frequently collapsing. But the tabloid isn’t ready to stop there.

Jolie’s “frail” appearance and “alarming pattern” of behavior supposedly “have sparked fears of a drug relapse” – Star specifically mentions heroin – “and anorexia.” A so-called “insider” tells the magazine Jolie’s red carpet look at the Kung Fu Panda 2 premiere had everyone “whispering about how emaciated she looked.”

Moreover, the actress is said to seem “spaced out and bewildered,” with “strangers” at the Cannes Film Festival allegedly noticing something was amiss. “She looked like a zombie,” reports one totally random woman. “It was really shocking and worrying. She had these huge wide eyes and was talking incomprehensibly, changing from one subject to another and never really finishing her point.” Wow, what a conveniently phrased sound bite from someone Jolie’s never met!

Concerned about “zombie” Jolie, Pitt allegedly confronted her on May 27 (Shiloh’s fifth birthday)… except this dramatic “intervention,” blared on the cover of the magazine, is never explained or described in any detail, except to say Pitt wants Jolie to gain 10 pounds.

And what about the “fears” Jolie could have a “heroin relapse”? Star manages to be even more pathetic on that front. The magazine quotes a Cannes restaurant waiter – who never even saw Jolie – as saying he’d seen other celebrities come in for parties, and “there was a huge pile of cocaine on the shelf above the toilet.” Right.

Star also spoke with a photographer who did a shoot with Jolie in 1991, who says she acted strangely at the time. “I would have imagined she was probably high when she did that.” Jolie was woozy during a photo shoot 20 years ago and other celebrities took drugs while at Cannes. That’s Star‘s argument for a potential “relapse”? If anyone’s a “zombie,” it’s the tabloid that desperately needs brains.

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