CLAIM: Angelina Jolie “Down To An Alarming 94 Pounds”

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By Daniel Gates


Angelina Jolie is “wasting away – she’s now down to an alarming 94 lbs,” reports Star magazine, and Brad Pitt is “calling for an emergency intervention.”

A so-called “insider” tells the magazine, “Brad is worried sick about Angie’s health. Angie has gotten extremely skinny once again, and this time he wants her to get professional help.” Just last week, another tabloid said Jolie was a “bag of bones” at 105 pounds, so Star apparently is trying to raise the stakes by drastically lowering even that estimated weight.

Gossip Cop wonders where the magazine managed to get such a specific “94 lbs.” figure, especially because the only actual sighting Star mentions is when “Angelina was smiling but looked emaciated” in baggy clothes outside director Ridley Scott‘s London offices on September 8. So even though the actress was happy and no one could even see her body, Star‘s “insider” claims “she isn’t fooling anyone.”

“It’s obvious that the rumors of Brad’s cheating has (sic) put a tremendous strain on her. And when Angelina gets stressed, she doesn’t eat,” explains the Star source. In other words, the “rumors” of alleged infidelity that the tabloids invented are now causing alleged weight loss for Jolie, even though there’s no evidence at all that she’s thinner than usual.

Star might hope that simply saying “94 lbs.” makes the story seem legit… but it’s no more credible than previous rumors wrongly linking Jolie to eating issues and weight concerns. A source close to Jolie tells Gossip Cop that the most “alarming” thing here is, once again, Star‘s reporting.

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