Angelina Jolie Set to Ditch Brad Pitt in London?

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By Daniel Gates


When Angelina Jolie visits Brad Pitt on location, the tabloids have two options.

First, they could declare that her arrival means she’s jealous and checking up on him. Or, they can use the visit itself as the source for some supposed argument, so that her eventual departure seems really dramatic and angry. The idea that Jolie and Pitt simply like to spend time together is too difficult for scandal-minded rumor mongers to grasp.

This week, OK! magazine claims the couple was tense during son Maddox‘s recent 10th birthday party, which the family celebrated by seeing Wicked in London, where Pitt is currently filming World War Z. The alleged chill in the air was due to what OK! says is an ongoing fight stemming from Pitt’s reluctance to hang out with Jolie.

According to an “insider,” Jolie “is seething!” Uh huh. “When she rearranged her schedule and flew to London to be with Brad, she imagined they’d be having romantic dinners and hanging out together on the set, and he’s basically blowing her off,” reports the tab’s source. Yeah, instead they’re stuck… celebrating their child’s birthday together?

OK! says Jolie has “reached her limit with her partner of six years. “Angie’s ready to strike back hard,” claims the “insider.” “She’s going to walk out and take the kids back to their French estate.” We’re not sure if “striking back hard” is code for particularly rough sex, but we can see exactly where this is going.

Whenever Jolie and Pitt part ways, OK! and other magazines will insist that she’s storming out in anger, rather than, well, leaving as scheduled. A source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop they’re having a great time together, as always, and points out that OK! has been especially misguided with regard to Pitt’s time in England. This week is no different.

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