Angelina Jolie “Twins Again!” Pregnancy “Shocker,” Claims Magazine

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By Daniel Gates


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are expecting “Twins Again!” in a “pregnancy shocker” according to the new OK! cover.

Sigh. The magazine simply and embarrassingly refuses to admit it has no inside information about the Hollywood power couple. OK! has reported multiple fake “secret weddings” in the past for Jolie and Pitt. OK! has reported “shocking baby news” and “baby joy” stories that were just as fake. So when OK! slaps together a bogus cover story like this week’s, built on sources who have been wrong for years… well, Gossip Cop gets frustrated.

The story is a bait-and-switch, by the way, that insists Jolie “wants to become pregnant again — with twins! — before her ability to bear a child comes to an end.” Uh-huh. Then OK! pads out its non-story with paragraph after paragraph of baseless, speculative quotes about how Jolie and Pitt want to expand their family, recapping Jolie’s health ailments, the different pregnancy options Jolie is exploring, how their children want new siblings, etc.

There’s nothing shocking or newsy or revealing in the entire article. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop it’s “meaningless” and a “waste of space.”

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