CLAIM: Angelina Jolie Has “Shriveled to 92 Pounds” and Brad Pitt Terrified “She’ll Die”

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By Daniel Gates

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Angelina Jolie has shriveled to 92 pounds, sources say, and fiance Brad Pitt is terrified that if she has surgery to remove her ovaries, she’ll die!” declares the National Enquirer.

According to one so-called “source” for the magazine, “This is Brad’s worst nightmare. Angelina’s been working nonstop on a film project and humanitarian causes for the United Nations, and it’s taken a serious toll on her.” “She weighs less than she did when she was 16, and Brad’s afraid that when it’s time to have her ovaries removed, she won’t be strong enough,” contends the Enquirer insider. “He’s worried sick that she could die!” Enough.

This has nothing to do with Jolie’s potential surgery, and everything to do with the Enquirer’s sensationalistic treatment of the actress. Back in 2011, the same publication falsely reported that Jolie was “secretly addicted to diet pills” and had “slipped to a near-skeletal 93 pounds.” The Enquirer then ran a bogus cover story claiming Jolie was showing signs of hepatitis C and in need of a liver transplant. This April, before her double mastectomy, the outlet wrongly shrieked that a “skeletal” Jolie had allegedly “collapsed” in Africa and that Pitt was worried she’d die.

Each of those stories was inaccurate, and so is this one. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the new Enquirer report is completely “false.”

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Angelina Jolie is 92 pounds and Brad Pitt is terrified she’ll die.

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