Angelina Jolie Addicted to Tanning Bed?

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By Daniel Gates

Angelina Jolie

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Is Angelina Jolie going to be the new Tan Mom? “Angelina loves the feeling of a tanning bed and getting UV rays, but she’s terrified of skin cancer,” reports a Star source. “So she lathers on SPF 30 sunscreen before getting in her bed.” Huh?

The magazine’s insider notes, “Brad [Pitt] thinks it’s hilarious — he says there’s no point in using the bed if she is going to put sunscreen on to slow the tan. His newest nickname for her is Tangelina.” Star explains that Jolie thinks her routine “helps prepare her skin for the sun in Australia, where she’s directing Unbroken.”

“She wants her skin to be adjusted in order to prevent burning. She’s convinced the tanning bed and SPF combo gives her a glow without the tan,” says the insider for Star, which describes Jolie as having a “weird tan addiction.”

Stop. Just… stop. Angelina Jolie is not addicted to tanning, or tanning and SPF-ing, or whatever it is Star is trying to say. In the past month alone, the same publication has falsely alleged she had a hotel “sex romp” to annoy Jennifer Aniston, and is feuding with Pitt over Scientology. The magazine has NO CLUE what’s going on with Jolie, and this latest bizarre “addiction” story is just more of the same tabloid trash. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop there is “no truth” to the tanning report.

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Angelina Jolie is addicting to tanning beds.

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