Angelina Jolie Trying to Steal Jennifer Aniston’s Man Justin Theroux?

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By Michael Lewittes



In a piece titled, “Jen’s nightmare: Angelina wants her man!” In Touch claims, “Angelina Jolie wasn’t content stealing Jennifer Aniston‘s husband — now she’s set her evil eyes on Justin Theroux!” Wait, what?

According to the tabloid, “Now that Jen is finally happy again… her archenemy Angelina is trying desperately to stab her in the heart — again.” An alleged Jolie “friend” tells In Touch, “Angelina is actively trying to set up a project in which she and Justin would work together.” The same source adds that Jolie “has been a fan of [Theroux] for a few years, but she certainly wasn’t in a hurry to work with him before Jen started dating him.”

The tabloid, which has been wrong over and over about Aniston, especially when it involves her ex-husband Brad Pitt, naturally finds a supposed Aniston “pal,” who says, “The mere thought of Justin working with Angelina sends her into a tizzy; if it actually happened, it could destroy her.” And that, says the supposed Jolie source, is “exactly why [Jolie] finds the idea so irresistible.”

That same “friend” adds, “Angie likes to play games, and this could be the ultimate game. Stealing one man from Jen was bad enough, but stealing two would be the coup de grace.” The only one playing games is… In Touch. Once again, the tabloid has created drama where none exists.

“It’s total bulls**t,” says one Jolie insider, who assures Gossip Cop the actress has ZERO interest in “stealing” Aniston’s new boyfriend. “It’s just absurd, stupid.” We think that’s being too polite.

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