CLAIM: Brad Pitt Sending Angelina Jolie to Sleep Therapy in Swiss Alps

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By Daniel Gates


Last week, Brad Pitt was allegedly about to ship Angelina Jolie off to rehab, according to a report with no relationship to reality.

Not to be outdone, the National Enquirer now offers two ridiculous rumors for the price of one.

The tabloid insists Pitt has “a two-pronged plan to pull stressed-out [Jolie] back from the edge.”

According to the Enquirer, Pitt is “putting her in a sleep-therapy program at a secluded Swiss clinic AND building a new house for her and their kids in a remote and peaceful part of Africa.”

Supposedly, the stress of her busy life has “gotten” to Jolie, and she is “now past the breaking point,” explains an Enquirer “source.”

So after a friend “recommended several clinics in the Swiss Alps” where patients’ sleep is monitored by professionals and “treated with hypnosis and natural herbal medicines,” Pitt plans to send Jolie there hoping the therapy “will take the edge off and help her cope.”

But that’s not all.

Pitt also intends to “build a sprawling ranch” in Namibia because, says the Enquirer, “the serene setting will be calming to Angelina.”

Both “prongs” of this alleged plan sound great!

Unfortunately, they’re totally bogus.

Jolie is not going to seek treatment in the Swiss Alps, and she and Pitt are not constructing a Namibian ranch for residence.

Multiple sources close to the couple assure Gossip Cop the Enquirer‘s premise is without merit.

Maybe the tab’s editors just need to get some sleep.

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