CLAIM: Angelina Jolie “Scary Skinny”

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By Daniel Gates

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Angelina Jolie is “scary skinny again!” declares OK! magazine, closing 2013 with yet another embarrassingly wrong and grossly sensationalized story about the actress-director. Back in May, the tabloid said Jolie was “starving herself” and down to 95 pounds. That was made up. Now OK! wants everyone to think Jolie is “neglecting her health as she adheres to a grueling work schedule” on her directorial project Unbroken.

“Angelina is at her lowest weight ever,” says a tab insider who is in absolutely no position to know. “She’s a total workaholic and whenever she gets into a new project, eating falls by the wayside.” Uh-huh. Another “pal” tells OK!, “She feels like she gets all the vitamins she needs in some low-calorie juice shakes, but the truth is she’s terribly malnourished.”

It’s hilarious to hear this outlet talk about “the truth.” “She’s just 93 pounds,” says the so-called “insider,” who apparently moonlights as Jolie’s bathroom scale. “It’s almost superhuman that she’s able to function at all.” Here’s a theory: Jolie is human, not superhuman, and she’s able to function because this story about her being malnourished is 100 percent false, like the others. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the OK! report is a “joke.”

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Angelina Jolie is scary skinny.

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