Angelina Jolie Allegedly At “Breaking Point” Due to Riots and Jennifer Aniston

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By Daniel Gates


Well, it looks like Life & Style is getting (even more) desperate. To support its theory that Angelina Jolie is “at the breaking point,” the tabloid throws everything against the wall this week to see what sticks.

Guessing that the “frazzled” and “harried” actress “weighs 110 pounds at most,” Life & Style claims Jolie is overwhelmed and nearing collapse. But why?

The first supposed problem is with her kids, who are “more demanding than ever,” according to the mag’s source, allegedly making motherhood too exhausting for Jolie. The tabloid conveniently fails to mention a single instance of how the kids are “more demanding,” and also manages to ignore the fact that Jolie and the children seem perfectly happy in every single photograph.

But that’s not all! She’s also “struggling to put the finishing touches on her directorial debut,” the film In The Land of Blood and Honey, which a Life & Style insider says “has been very difficult on her… She looks stressed, and clothes just hang off her.”

What else? The tabloid says Jolie is “wondering if the passion she felt when the romance [with Pitt] was new – the kind of intensity her rival Jennifer Aniston feels with her beau, Justin Theroux – is gone forever.” Life & Style, of course, clings to the childish belief that Jolie and Aniston are rivals whose every move is followed by the other. In the magazine’s anti-reality, therefore, Theroux is somehow causing Jolie’s alleged weight loss.

OK, so beyond the horrors of seeing Jennifer Aniston happy, completing her first directorial job and spending a lot of time with her children on fancy trains, what’s allegedly pushed Jolie to the “breaking point”? “As if Angie didn’t have enough to worry about, riots and looting spread through London and other cities,” while the family was in England, observes Life & Style, gracelessly implying that Jolie was in the thick of the chaos (which she was not). If you’re keeping score, add “London riots” to the things said to be limiting how many calories Jolie gets.

Basically, Life & Style tries to blame Jolie’s non-existent crisis on as many factors as possible, hoping that quantity will make up for quality. It doesn’t. As sources close to Jolie assure Gossip Cop, she and the kids are happy and healthy while traveling abroad.

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